Delattice is a marketing advertising platform

One step platform to promote your brands

Expand sales size and enhance the company popularity we provide you with the maximum range of exposure, release capabilities to keep user within hand's

Build the brands people love and we bring it in front of your audience


Multi-screen ads provide higher commercial exposure in elevators, restaurants, business districts and cars.


Instead of fixed-point placement, mobile screen advertising makes advertising smarter..


Unrestricted by user preferences, the business' own story is delivered to all users within the scope..

Sell people about your idea and bridge the gap getting it.

Customize where you want your ads displays or simply shuffle it all over our screens in business area..

1000+ screens installed in North America

How To Create a Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards provide your customers with a better experience. In this article we show you the best designs, examples and resources to create your own.

ScreenCloud Dashboards Set Up Guide

Display your private dashboards, webpages, and login-required data securely to your digital screens.